sUAS Drone Program Pricing Guide

sUAS Drone Program Pricing Guide

Thank you for inquiring about  the fastest growing industry in the world, Drones! Drones may be the fastest growing industry but  they are also the most mysterious and misunderstood.

Many and most people think drones to Be nothing more than a toy. Oh so very wrong!

Our customized educational drone programs are so enlightening, when our programs conclude,  professionals in the room, contemplate changing careers. Every participant comes away from our program wide eyed and excited to learn more about this fascinating tool that is a drone.

The in depth information we share about all things drones, has our clients asking, “When can we get you back here again!” Our proprietary programs is aimed to serve organizations that are big or small,  civil or private, business or community service groups, K-12., Triple T Academy has a program to fit every need any industry has. From entry level, to professional, Triple T Academy is  your subject  matter expert. Tell us what you need or have us consult with your team and we will simply blow you away with this futurist technology that is, Drones.

Below are our rates:

  • Hourly Rate: $250 per hour for events up to 6 hours
  • Extended Rate: $100 per hour for events exceeding 6 hours

We have extensive experience providing drone demonstrations and have successfully conducted multiple     events thoughout the city and state.

Please let us know if you need any further information or if you’d like to book a package. We look forward to creating an unforgettable drone experience for your group!


**Please contact us for more information via e-mail at: