Triple T Academy Program

Our educational System approach is to provide students with 3 certifications’ in related fields that inner support each other. Example: Group “A” would consist of 3 separate certifications within that group, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Python. Group “B” would consist of “Cyber Security, Blockchain, Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Groups can be chosen in any combination of the 9 disciplines offered. All student will be required to pass the FAA Part 107 sUAS to complete their graduation requirements.

Triple T Academy Educational Programs include

Triple T Academy courses are designed to prepare our students with a skill set in advanced technologies that are of high demand. Our Professional Certificate Programs for each discipline will be taught along side of our Personal development program, which includes an Internship and teaching them how to take and past the part 107 FAA test.

Education at Triple T Academy

Triple T Academy's Tech9 College Level Program (TCLP) educational program for high school graduates starts in the Fall/Winter semester 2021.

Students are trained in 3 technology disciplines. In the first 12 months, students will obtain 3 Certifications that are directly relative to each other. i.e. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Python; or Block-chain, Data Security and Internet of Things.

After completing their certification training, students enter into personal development programs that teach them problem solving and critical thinking skills, money management skills, professional edict and decorum awareness and philanthropy. During this time, an internship program will be available for the student to take advantage of their newly taught skill set in the work place.

The last sector of curriculum is the FAA Part 107 Drone Certification program

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