Drone Soccer Program

A Closer look at Drone Soccer for Schools (Ages 10-17)

The educational flexibility of the Drone Soccer Program makes it the perfect fit for any schools STEM objectives. The versatile and universal language that Drone Soccer speaks, brings an excitement to all ages and meets the criteria of STEM like no other program before it. The plethora of ways that Drone Soccer can enhance and invigorate a school’s ability to make learning fun and exciting is Drone Soccer. STEM and Drone soccer are the perfect marriage, and in many ways an answer to many out-lying issues that our school administrators and teacher face in their day-to-day struggles to bring innovating, invigorating programs to the students. In other words, this is fun and exciting for everyone. Come on, and let’s see how!

Students/Kids love to have fun. What happens when you combine learning and fun together, we create a bridge to digital inclusion. Aren’t we all looking for a new way of learning? Drone Soccer is it!

Our job as educators is to inspire students to excel. Drone Soccer provides a sharp tool of inspiration with tech innovations. The Drone Soccer program can be used as a learning Lab where students and teachers are at the forefront of cutting-edge Technology.

The Drone Soccer Lesson Plan is a learning tool that allow the student to come in direct contact with STEM, teaching the student how to code the RC (Radio Controller) to talk to the drone, assemble and solder circuit boards, learning how to get the drone to fly correctly and more importantly, work in teams of 3 to 5 people rotating in responsibilities as Captain, Drone Operator, Engineers, learn how to strategize as a team, and also, learn the basic skills of an aircraft maintenance specialist.

Drone Soccer can be rolled out to the customization of your teachers and Administrators imagination. Weather it’s one day as an exhibition/introduction, a one to two weeks summer program, a after-school program for a semester or a class-room activity for the entire school year! It’s your choice based upon the individual school’s budget. Drone Soccer can be used as a plug and play program that can be used to augment an existing CTE program that you may already have in play. Make Drone Soccer fit your schools needs, it’s that simple.

One of the best things about Drone Soccer is that it backed by the FFA and The Air Force Academy. It will be played on a inter- national level with a team being chosen to represent the United States going to the World Games. Tournaments will be played all around the country; inner city play between schools is encouraged as there is a system to do so built within every purchase of the program. After inner city competition has identified a champion school, that school will play in a championship tournament to crown a U.S. Champion to represent the United States in the World Games 2023 against other Countries all over the world. What a program! There is so much more. Triple T Academy will use this program to augment teachers pay of any school that will participate in the Drone Soccer Program. HISTORY WILL BE MADE, and the benefactors will be the teachers and their students. In this championship arena, everybody wins!

The World Games 2022 Information

The World Games 2022 Information

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