For Donors

Choosing university for post-secondary education should not be the only alternative for a successful career. Triple T Academy provides marginalized, disenfranchised, low income high school graduates with a debt free, zero tuition and a specialized skill set of high demand.

Big Compelling Idea

Choosing College for post-secondary education should not be the only alternative for a young adult to have a successful and productive career.

With increasing cost for college tuition and 76% of all college graduates straddled with student loan debt, College most often times is not considered for marginalized, disenfranchised, low income high school graduates. just for the financial barriers that lie before them alone. Triple T Academy provides those students with a debt free, zero tuition and high demand for a specialized skill set that our curriculum provides for each and every students.

Problem / Opportunity

If our children are our future, and they certainly are, then synonymously, so is technology. To invest in the viability and sustainability for our generations to come, we must understand the role of technology as it effects every single person that functions in this world in any and every capacity. We must be intelligent and perceptive enough to utilize our biggest and best resource and that is our children coupled with Technology. We must recognize how important technology is to our future and arm our children with it. Schools like Triple T Academy will lead the way to not only equipping our children with technology, but securing a place for our country to keep pace with the rest of the world. With your help and not without it, Triple T Academy will furnish the opportunity to lead our children to be ready and prepared to take on the challenges that our world presents to all of us ( unceremoniously) but we can and will be ready! We will not only face the challenge, but conquer that challenge with Triple T Academy and their innovative programs and approach to an alternative to post-secondary education.


Our graduate students will have the unique opportunity to interview the companies that are in strong competition within a job market that has a dearth of talent for candidates with these specialized skill sets. There is such a high demand for these advanced technology position and a low pool of talent, our goal of 100% job placement is readily obtainable. A key favorable results for our graduates of Triple T Academy is with our innovative education system, it provides the graduate an opportunity to earn a higher average salary range in two years than the average salary of a four year degree program in traditional post-secondary educational systems. This dynamic not only saves time and money but the graduate is debt free to start their lives as a thriving community asset rather than a financial burden to the economic system. This opportunity for the disadvantaged, marginalized and disenfranchised person, has a direct impact on the ever increasing poverty rate in their respective communities.

Why Donors Should Care

Donors who support the students that attend Triple T Academy will see their influence on the world in a plethora of different ways. A single donor contribution would provide an education to someone that would not have one otherwise. A donation for one student will have a rippling effect with a multiplicity of positive influences. It would create a tax payer rather than a tax burden. At the very same time producing a contributor to the economy and allowing the person to help their families climb out of poverty.

Creating sustainable job opportunities always uplifts a community and gives their families hope and inspiration to continue on the path of a post-secondary education that is free and contributes to the every changing world of technology.

Why Triple T Academy

  • Every high school graduate and their families cannot afford a college education that cost on average 60k for 4 years.

  • Our 20 month certificate program cost is only 18k and there is absolutely no cost to the participating student.

  • 82% percent of college graduates end up with tremendous debt from their 4 years in post secondary education.

  • Our students graduate with zero debt, and upon completion of our program, they receive $1,500 and a drone. (Worth $800.00)

  • On average, a college graduate of 4 years will make 35,000 to 58,000 a year in a very competitive job market.

  • After 20 months, our graduates will make an average salary (in the Technology field) of 63,000 to 103,000 a year.

  • College curriculum require courses that has very little to do with their major if at all, which in turn increase cost for the student and waste valuable time and effort that could be otherwise utilized.

  • Not so with Triple T Academy. We dive right in and teach the student in the discipline that they have chosen with the help of our career councilors.