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Triple T Academy is dedicated to offering our training services to the marginalized, dis-enfranchised, underserved and disadvantaged at no cost to parents or the participants. Yes, it FREE to all who take our classes. From 16 to 50, we want to eliminate debt, produce taxpayers as opposed to tax consumers. With our program, everybody wins. The salary ceiling for a professional FAA Certified Drone Pilot is six figures. This is not just a regular 40 job; this is a career. This license is good in all 50 states. Only 1 in 200,000 people have this license. Help us help those who want a career in aviation as a Drone Pilot. We are laser focused on investing in our future by upskilling and uptraining those interested in Technology. When you give to Triple T Academy, you’re giving to our collective future. Thank you so much for being generous to our combined like-minded cause and vision. Simply put, without you, we fail, with you, we succeed, and our dream becomes reality for all.

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