About Triple T Academy

Triple T Academy provides a post-secondary alternative to college by training the disadvantaged, marginalized, dis-enfranchised, underserved public with our one of kind, proprietary, professional Drone Certification Programs.

Triple T Academy Mission

It is our mission to eliminate cost and debt for the participants. At the same time showing each participant the importance of ethics, morals and values that will allow them to excel exponentially in any career they choose to follow.

Our Vision

Is to provide education opportunities in advanced technologies for those that would not otherwise be able to afford a college education.

Triple T Academy Presentation

We've assembled a quick presentation that highlights Triple T Academy's Focus, Mission, and Goals. Click here to view it.

Why Triple T Academy

see videos below, you will be amazed!

This is WHY Triple T Academy

  • Every high school graduate and their families cannot afford a college education that cost on average 60k for 4 years.

  • All our training programs are free to the qualifying participant. In some cases, a financial stipend will be paid to the participant during training.

  • 82% percent of college graduates end up with tremendous debt from their 4 years in post secondary education with student loans.

  • Our participants graduate with zero debt, and upon completion of our program, they receive $1,500 and a drone. (Worth $800.00)

  • On average, a college graduate of 4 years will make 35,000 to 58,000 a year in a very competitive job market.

  • Our graduating participants will have the potential to make an average salary ( as a FAA Certified sUAS Drone Pilot) 63,000 to 103,000 a year .

  • College curriculum require courses that has very little to do with their major if at all, which in turn increase cost for the student and waste valuable time and effort that could be otherwise utilized.

  • Not so with Triple T Academy. We dive right into the trade and give the participant a direct hands on approach. This keeps the participant engaged and at the same time creating an atmosphere of fun